About The Wet Saw Work Station

A wet saw product for contractors & DIYers.

The Wet Saw Work Station was first conceived by a Northeast contractor with over 30 years of tiling experience. Because of the mess and staining associated with the spray of dirty water while cutting with a wet saw, he, as did others he knew, would set up is wet saw outside of the home he was working at. During the the colder winter months he would often put alcohol in the water tray, or use a bucket heater to keep the saw water from freezing. Year after year, he used these methods, until one particular colder winter, he knew there must be a better way.

He began working on an idea for a secondary containment system, that he could possibly set up in a customer’s garage, and use without making a mess to eliminate the need to set up outside. By the end of that week, the first crude prototype was completed, and on the job. So confident with the capability of his prototype, he skipped setting up in the garage, and went right into the bathroom he was to tile!

What began as just a simple solution to avoid cutting tiles outside in the winter months, soon proved to have so many benefits. In addition to no longer having to be concerned with freezing saw water, he soon realized the amount of walking steps he saved from tile cut to installation, Also, instead of cleaning up his saw and bringing it back inside at the end of every work day, and then resetting it back up the next work day morning, he now just left it in place and ready to be used the next day. As a contractor, he knew time equals money, and the amount of time saved overall using his new creation was huge!

After 2 full years of use, prototype #2 was created. This one was lighter, and could be further broken down for travel and storage. Also, the adjustable strut design, located in the base tray, not only allows a wet saw to be freely moved around within its perimeters to facilitate different tile cuts, but also enables the use of many different types and brands of wet saws to be used. Simply set up, place your wet saw inside,and start cutting. It is recommended to sponge up excess water in the base tray as needed, with a grout sponge, and ring out back into wet saw tray. After 4 years of use, on 100s of tile jobs from bathrooms and kitchens, to basements and fireplaces, the Wet Saw Work Station has proved to cut tiling time in half or more! The finished production model came to be in the late summer of 2019, and has already been a huge hit with contractors who have tried it.

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The patented Wet Saw Work Station is proudly 100% engineered, and manufactured in the USA.

Wet Saw Product

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